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Dutch Licorice Honey/Honing


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Honey or Honing dutch liquorice is made of pure liquorice that has been lightly sweetened with honey. Originally designed as a throat soothing recipe the honey flavoured licorice has become popular in many households. This is authentic Dutch Licorice imported directly from the Netherlands. 

Deze Stevige Honingdrop in de authentieke vom van een bikenkorf is perfect op smaak gebracht met zuiver dropextract, salmiak en natuurzuivere honing. Dit geeft ze hun karakteristieke honingzoete dropsmaak.

Ingredients:  Sugar, Glucose syrup, Modified potato starch, cane sugar, molasses, wheat, 8% honey, liquorice extract, ammonium chloride water, coconut oil, glazing agent (E901)

Contains; Wheat