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Edas Sugar Free Cinnamon 100g USA


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Cinnamon candy has a certain warm heat to it that we love. We can never seem to get enough! There is something so wonderful about the punch of flavor that it offers. It really is a shame that so many are filled with a ton of sugar. We know that you want to have your candy and eat it, too. That's why we're happy that we can offer you these Eda's Sugarfree Cinnamon Candies! 

The great cinnamon-y taste, without all of the sugar, our Eda's Sugarfree Cinnamon Candies are exactly what every cinnamon candy lover has been looking for! These little gems are full of flavor, without the strange aftertaste. Plus, they're individually wrapped, so you can take them wherever you need to go!


Made in the USA.

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