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Edas Sugar Free Coffee Candy 100g USA


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We all know that coffee can be pretty darn addicting. Once you start drinking it, you may find it hard to stop! Sometimes, we wish we could carry our coffee with us, wherever we go! But that could get kind of messy, or cause us to overheat in the summer. So what's a coffee lover to do? Well, friends, you're in luck. Eda's Sugarfree Coffee Candies are here for you! 

The great taste of coffee with none of the sugar or caffeine, Eda's Sugarfree Coffee Candy is even better than it sounds! This is perfect for any serious coffee addict. Each piece is individually wrapped, so they're good to go, any time, anywhere.  You can give yourself a little treat, any time you feel like it! 

ou Kosher Certified

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