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Any 24 x 100g Fudge Blocks


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Choose any 24 blocks of 100g each of any our Fudge flavours......

Mint Chocolate,  Creme Brulee,  Russian Caramel,  Baileys Cowboy,  Double Chocolate,  Chocolate Caramel,  Cookies & Cream,  Rum & Raisin, Lemon Meringue, Bubblegum, Watermelon, Sea Salt Caramel, Maple Walnut, Red Velvet, Irish Creme, Peanut Butter Sandwich, Passionfruit, Ginger, Lime Sorbet,  Chocolate Orange Swirl,  Peach & Mango,  Caramoooo!!

also Homemade Russian Fudge (soft)
or Homemade Russian Fudge (Hard)
or Homemade Ginger Ice (Hard)
or Homemade Chocolate Fudge (soft)

Let me know what fudge flavours you would prefer.

(All Gluten Free except Cookies & Cream & Red Velvet).

They all come individually wrapped in a cello wrap. 

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