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Lyons Original Blend 80 Teabags IRELAND


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Irelands favourite tea.........Lyons Original Blend

80 Pyramid Teabags

In 1902, the Lyons family began their tea business in Dublin. The first "Original Blend" was crafted using only the best quality tea leaves and remains a firm favourite in Irish homes to this day.

The Lyons family started blending tea in High Street, Dublin, right in the shadows of Christchurch Cathedral.   The Lyons family was committed to creating the best quality tea using only the finest leaves, blended to ensure just the right flavour when brewed using the unique limestone water of Ireland.

In this tradition they pride themselves on continuing to this day, ensuring every cup of Lyons tea is as enjoyable as the last.    This is why Lyons tea continues to be the nations favourite with over 900 million cups drunk in Ireland every year!!

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