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Miss Sweetie Dark Chocolate Mango 100g


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Product Information

Miss Sweetie Yum Dark Chocolate Mango pieces coated in premium 56% Dark Chocolate.....thats what I have created for your enjoyment, the most amazing delights our planet has to give us, fruity goodness, vegan YUM fruits, a kind treat, dairy free, animal content free...love, Miss Sweetie xx


Made in Australia

Goodness from nature..........give me juicy fruits....give me pure creamy chocolate!  give me delicious goodnes from plants! give me vegan chocolate YUM Fruits!

Dairy Free, Vegan, animal content free.

Can fit 2 boxes in a $5.50 NZ Urban ($9.50 NZ Rural) courier tracked delivery.......also have a delicious Blueberry flavour ....check out our listing.

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