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Fido Glass Jar 1.5 litre


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Product Information

Fido Glass Jar

1.5 litre

Made in Italy....this is a top quality glass jar with a good sealing glass lid.

Holds approximately 1 - 1.5kg of sweets

Please note......listing is for One EMPTY jar.........you must purchase sweets separately.

If you wish to purchase a jar + sweets let us know at  [email protected] and we can give you an exact price as to how many of the sweets you have chosen fit in the jar perfectly! and then load up a listing for you on our website.

PLEASE NOTE: This jar is sent to you at your own risk......we will package it as well as we can........but take no responsibility if is broken during the courier delivery service.....which is outside of our control..........we highly recommend Click & Collect for this item.

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