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Kraft Macaroni Cheese Dinner USA 206g


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Just the best Mac n Cheese!!! Yummo!! Creamy cheesy.....delish!!   From the USA....smile its the cheesiest!!


Now even more reasons to LOVE IT!! the box of Kraft Macaroni & Cheese dinner may look simple, but it actually contains some EXTRAORDINARY things!!   Inside you'll find happy childhood memories, tons of blissful smiles and the delicious elbow macaroni waiting to be covered with gooey, cheesy goodness.   Contains no artificial flavours, preservatives for colour.
Just the great taste you know and love, which means you can happily devour it bit by bite until your bowl contains nothing at all!!

Please note - Best Before 24 Mar 19.......cant get any new stock until June so this is all I have!!  It is still perfectly fine to consume as it is a dried product.

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