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Edas Sugar Free Watermelon 100g USA


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Nothing says summer quite like the taste of watermelon. There's just something about that sweet, juicy, refreshing fruit, that brings a smile to everyone's face! We know that we're pretty big watermelon fans around here, and we have a feeling that you might be, too. But it can be hard to get your hands on some good watermelon when it's the off-season. Luckily for you, Eda's Sugarfree Watermelon Candy is here for you! 

All of the fun without all of the sugar, Eda's Sugarfree Watermelon Candy will bring summer to your mouth, any time of year! These individually wrapped candies are ready to go, wherever you go! So you can toss 'em in a purse or backpack. 


Made in the USA.

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